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Jul 12, 2009 : GoogleInternet
"Why is it whenever I'm looking for a program, google gives me all this stupid torrent crap, plus the website for Microsoft. And when I was looking for the latest version of WMM it gave me jack-squat! No download link! NOTHING! F*ck you google!" : Liam : : USA

May 22, 2009 : Those idiots and their chatroom language!Internet
"Why the hell does everyone in a chatroom or Multi-Massive Online Role-Playing Game do this to me! ROFL this and IDK that! I have NO CLUE what they're saying! Sure, I can live with LOL and WTF (which is exactly how I feel right now); but the rest! Why don't they show a sidebar Chatroom Dictionary instead of f*cking let you think of a chatroom as another f*cking continent! What the f*cking hell!" : Lee : : USA

Dec 7, 2007 : The Imaginary 'Digital Age'General
"It really pisses me off about how people and companies like to brag about this supposed 'digital age' we're living in. Because it seems no matter how many years pass by, computers for example, are not getting any faster. Sure, they have better and faster hardware than they did 10 years ago, but it doesn't make a lick of difference because there is always new, bulky, slow, useless, retardedly intensive software, applications, and operating systems which bog down the computer's performance. My newest computer, manufactured in 2006, does not start up any faster or seem to run any better than my machine from 1999 did. Why is this? And why is it that people love to say technology will only screw up because of something its user does, when this has been total crap for years. Life in the digital age my ass! More like... 'The age of what should be amazingly advanced hardware but we'll find a way to slow it down anyway, and stuff still seems to malfunction for no particular reason'. About the biggest advancement we've had so far are the stupid, huge, home entertainment centers people seem to waste their money on. Only then to bitch about milk and gas prices after they've put themselves in debt trying to look like the classy suburban neighbors that they're not." : Slickback : : USA

Apr 21, 2006 : Emoticons be gone!Internet
"What is it with people installing all these stupid animated emoticons in messengers. Okay, granted the smiley faces are nice. But, when you can't read what someone is saying because every other damn word or couple of letters is a stupid animation, enough is enough. Half the time, I feel like I'm talking to 10 years olds!" : Luna-tick : : Canada

Sep 17, 2005 : SpammersInternet
"I hate spammers who take advantage of e-mail forms to spam bazillions of people. They should all be killed." : Filler Buster : Earth : Solar System

May 13, 2005 : One problem creating another? (Is it just me?)Internet
"I'm having a problem with my wireless internet connection, it was horrible bad, and I didn't know why. Now I've figured out that just one of my neighbours opening their door is enough to make my internet disconnect. NOW I am annoyed about how LONG a time my neighbours can spend, opening and closing their doors, waiting for my connection to return. And when it finally does, I hear someone opening their door, I get disconnected, and start counting the minutes again." : Zegh : : Norway