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Aug 2, 2011 : School systemsGeneral
"I hate when people rag on school systems! If you have never gone through college to become a teacher, then you don't know how much time and effort it takes to become one. Sure some schools need to upgrade their teachers, but they are doing the best they can. AND they are underpaid! Don't knock it till you try it!" : Wtf? : : USA

Apr 2, 2009 : TeacherGeneral
"One of my teachers is a TOOL. I wish I could be home with my little baby instead of having to go to school... then my husband would have to go to work!!" : Mel : Fredericton : Canada

Nov 11, 2005 : The Public School MachineGeneral
"School systems annoy me. Teachers just tell kids what to think, teach to the lowest common denominator and are more concerned about existing than teaching. I'm sick of all the movies shown in schools. What's Disney got to do with learning? I'm tired of teachers teaching subjects they know nothing about. I'm tired of bad teachers who get keep their jobs. Even when they're alcoholics, they are given leaves of absence over and over to get help; but they get to come back over and over and teach kids. Teachers swear, yell, and are rude to kids, and then they are surprised when the kids don't respect them. No one thinks a kid can even be a good person. The classroom sizes are too large, kids are bored out of their minds and can't read or spell. Half the kids are on ritalin because we want them to sit and not make a peep - as if that's natural! If we valued activity we'd give all the quiet kids uppers! Where's the love of learning? Where's the challenge? What's the point? Public Schools are chaos. Public School stinks!" : Moose : : Canada