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Dec 2, 2014 : Music TastesMusic
"I can't stand when people judge a band based on their fans. The fans do not describe the band, the people do. I also can't stand people who say people who like pop bands can't like screamo bands. That's so fucking annoying, don't tell me what I can and can't listen to and don't call me a fake fan. Fuck you." : Taste : Philadelphia : United States

May 15, 2012 : 24 seasons of Jeff Probst errorGeneral
"In every episode of Survivor, for 24 seasons now, Jeff Probst has said at every jury meeting... 'I'll go tally the votes'. Jeff, you've never once actually done what you say. You 'go' and GET the votes, then you RETURN and 'tally' them. After all these years, it's time you got it right." : Surivalry : Fredericton : Canada

Dec 22, 2011 : Mainstream MusicMusic
"The music that is hypnotizing teens in this modern day is ridiculous. All of it is a case of popularity - not talent. For example, JLS aren't artists, they're a bunch of pop crap. They don't write their own songs, they don't play instruments, they use Auto-Tune for all of their songs, none of it is real talent. Oasis, The Stones, The Smiths, The Beatles, Manic Street Preachers, and Bob Dylan. Real talent. Classics that will stand the test of time. No kid in 20 years time will be listening to JLS... It is all a load of overrated CRAP! Nobody buys their albums for their music. It's just a case of how many screaming girls can buy an album just because it has a timed out karaoke band on the cover. Some child may argue simply by saying: ' Stop dissing JLS, they are so cuuuutttee, you are just jealous!' NO. I AM NOT. I am stating a pure fact about the music of today. GROW UP. If it wasn't for Noel Gallagher releasing his recent solo album, I would just kill myself. I'd like to finish off with a pleasant joke! An apparentely 'amazzzinnng xxxxx xxx' JLS song is called 'One Shot'. Well, if you twats stand in a straight line I'll go get my 0.50 calibre rifle... that should do the trick." : Jorge : : UK

Feb 8, 2011 : Hooray, another Justin Bieber jokeMusic
"Justin Bieber jokes? Really? Do you just go on and find someone who uses Auto-Tune and make fun of them for it? Whatever happened to making fun of KeDollarsignHa? $he doe$n't have any talent, and did I mention that $he u$e$ that obnoxious dollar $ign in her name? It'$ $o hard to figure out how to pronounce it, i$n't it?" : William : Boston : USA

Apr 20, 2010 : There goes real entertainmentGeneral
"Well, here it goes, Cartoon Network has gotten rid of classics like Ed Edd n Eddy. Nickelodeon has gotten rid of classics like Invader Zim. Yeah, so both channels have pretty much... destroyed themselves. Nickelodeon the most because of Fanboy and ChumChum, there goes the neighborhood!" : William GM : Boston : USA

Jul 22, 2009 : Twilight MoviesMovies
"I am so glad I found this website, I need to let this outttttttt! I am a big fan of the Twilight series, not to be confused with being obsessed. The movie was horrible, as far as the book goes and in cinematic terms - it just SUCKED. The characters where wrong, it was slow, acting was horrible, makeup was shoddy. The location was great, I will give them that. The 'special effects' were bad, I mean I know they were working on a budget, but I've seen movies more realistic, that were made when special effects really weren't around! GAH. What bugs me most is that people say they love it. I mean if you are a die hard fan of the book, don't love it just because it's Twilight - that's the worst! You're not even taking it from a new perspective, you just like it BECAUSE. GFKJHJSDHAJSDH! Okay, I am done now." : Anony : : USA

Aug 5, 2007 : TransformersMovies
"I hate the fact that every cartoon that I watch and know like a book is ruined by stupid movie makers that come along and change the whole history. Megatron does not die... Optimus does... and then Ultra Magnus and Rodimus sorta share leadership. Don't tell me about giving a realistic view... what the fu*k... the Transformers can't be anything but fiction... so what the fu*k are you on about!" : Diddy : : USA

Jul 9, 2006 : Lotteries... a tax for stupid peopleGeneral
"Once again, I've managed to not get a single number to match on a lottery ticket. At most, and rarely indeed, I'm lucky to win $10. Or worse, a free ticket, so that I can not win big again. A constant reminder of my lottery impotence. I bookmark the lottery number website under 'Entertainment'. Do you suppose if I had it under 'Big Winner' or 'Great Future' or 'What Will I Do With All The Money' that I might have better luck? I dunno, are lotteries really just a special tax for stupid people?" : Luna-tick : : Canada

Mar 19, 2006 : James Blunt's... You're BeautifulGeneral
"I find this is the most amazing song I have heard in a long time, it's so sad! But at the same time I can relate to it! Seeing someone and having just one moment looking into their eyes, and you can feel something is there, but at the same time you know nothing will ever become of that one stare! I have recently had that happen to me, and I dream and wish that one day our paths will meet again! I will never know if he could of been the ONE! The song is a must for everyone to listen too!!" : P.H : Fredericton : Canada

Sep 24, 2005 : The new Our Lady Peace CDMusic
"Sony had the bright idea to data lock the new Our Lady Peace CD so it wont play on my cd player. Thanks Sony. I have to rip it then reburn it so it's functional in a cd player. Right. These are the things that worry me..." : Danielle : : USA

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