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Nov 2, 2015 : LifeGeneral
"Simply existing can be one of the most hardest things that a human being can do. We wake up, we go to work, we go to school, we have jobs that we go to 40 hours a week and yet none of us can ever find happiness. Where are you? How do I achieve you? I truly wish sometimes I was never brought into this terrible place of fear, stress, and anxiety. I never asked for this. I never asked to be in such a position. All we can do is better ourselves; but on that journey you will find pain, heartache and troubling times. But we are told to keep going. What happens when you don't have the energy to anymore? What happens when you just want give up when everyone's telling you it's going to be ok. I hate when people tell you that, 'everything is going to be ok.' How do you know that? You have no idea if it's going to be ok. You're just saying that because it sounds good and you need something to fill in the silence of awkwardness. We do everything we can to better ourselves and the truth is sometimes it doesn't always work out like you planned. I just want this to be over I'm ready for the darkness because I'm sick of waiting for the light." : Sd : : USA

May 9, 2011 : Why the superiority complex?!!!Genereal
"I just want to get out of the world; away from the lies; away from the pain of complete dissappointment all the time. My faith in humanity is reaching ground zero, and it seems like no one gives a damn about anything anymore - except power and being better than everyone else. What gives a lecturer the right to act like the world is ending and you've commited a mortal sin just because they don't like a piece of artwork or project. To tell you the truth, I think many art critics just enjoy being snobs and looking down on the common man." : No Purpose : : ---

Sep 1, 2010 : Spousal Support LawsGeneral
"This is something that bugs me every time I see my ex's spousal support payment being deducted from my paycheque. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against paying spousal support; but I am against the courts forcing me to pay support that I know goes to support my ex's drug habit. That's why we're not together anymore, duh. The law states that if one spouse makes significantly more that the other, the spouse with the higher income will pay equalization of spousal income support payments to the other to offset thier financial shortcomings thus allowing them to live in the lifestyle to which they've been accustomed to. The joke is that my ex is accustomed to being a drug addict. When the original order came to court some three years ago I was told that I could not bring up the matter of drug addiction in court and that how my ex uses the support is irrelivant. What a slap in the face. In the past three years my ex has received $20,000 in support payments and not one cent has gone towards anything useful like, food, rent, car payments, RRSP's, etc. So what the hell am I paying for? Oh ya, drugs, I forgot. This law really needs to be re-visited and revised." : Frustrated : Toronto : Canada

Aug 18, 2009 : MoneyGeneral
"Who invented this sh*t? Why does everything cool cost so much money! I'll tell you why, to piss everyone off! F*ck you guy-who-invented-money!" : Liam : : USA

Aug 29, 2007 : I want to stop binge eatingGeneral
"I've gotten so fat it's disgusting. Anorexics spend all day worrying about how to avoid food - I'm spending all day wondering how to get more! I do nothing but sit around all day, eat, and cry about my appearance. Right now my family has literally NO groceries in the house and I want to run down to the store and buy a coke and some ice cream (even though I've already eaten SO F-ING MUCH today)... but I'm too ashamed of myself to even leave the house. 'Oh, look at that fat kid buying more food, they'll probably eat it all on the way home.' Everywhere I go I feel like people are staring at me. None of my clothes fit right. I dread dressing and showering because I don't want to look at myself. I have no self confidence, no romantic relationships, and only a handful of friends. More often than not I avoid leaving the house/meeting new people because of my weight. I cry over it at least once a day. I inflict all these troubles on myself just for a few seconds of instant gratification in the form of shoving another piece of food into my already overstuffed stomach. I am sick of it. I just want the binging and starving to stop!" : Fatty Mcfatterson : Chicago : Null

Jan 9, 2007 : HateGeneral
"I am angry. Not just your average pissed off and mad. No, I loath the world about me. I have not spoken to anybody in about 12 months and as I pass the dead that walk about me like mummies wrapped up to tight in their own personal dilemas that they havent noticed me vomiting my brains out due to the stench of thier rotting souls. I feel like telling cancer patients that there is no hope and one way or another they are going to die. I want to breath fire and speak death. Sometimes I wake up and wish the sun would just explode. I want to tie the world a noose made out of false pride and humanity. I fell asleep on the bus today and had a dream of the most glorious city carved out of diamonds floating over a vast desert. When the bus driver woke me I vomited in his face. That foul stench once again caressed the lining of my nostrils and nothing i could have done would have stoped me. He thought I was a drug addict. Oh how I wish!" : Mephestopholese : : U.S.A.

Dec 10, 2005 : Seedless Fruit - Fact or Fiction!General
"Okay. Whoever invented seedless fruit, should be given a Nobel Prize. But, there really needs to be a law against seedless fruit with seeds in them. I mean, it just sucks (or rather, spits) when you're feeling the juice squeeze out of the orange slice as you bite in, only to be immediately spoiled by the crunch of a seed, and the following need to spit it out. It's just wrong." : Luna-tick : Fredericton : Canada

Nov 23, 2005 : Postal Service and HolidaysGeneral
"I am so tired of the terrible postal service in this country that I am ready to invest in a new way of shipping. Normally I do not have many problems with the mail, but when it comes to these ridiculous holidays, even 2 or more in one month, things just get a little ridiculous. As the only legal monopoly in America, the postal company should be worth half a crap, yet it remains at the top of the list of whacked services. It just goes to show that with the aide of the government, you can create any damn holiday to have an excuse to get out of doing a job. Which leads me to holidays as well. Holidays are wonderful for getting together with a bunch of family members you only want to see once or twice a year, but when the hell did the world start shutting down to celebrate another day that looks and goes by just like all the other 364 days of the year? Holidays are just a legal excuse for the government to have a day off and fuel the economy with taxes. So for those of you that are killing a turkey this year for thanksgiving, cutting down a tree for x-mas, or destroying the atmosphere with explosive fire works, just thank your government for being such a lazy useless piece-of-s*!t, and enjoy." : Jae : : USA

Oct 25, 2005 : I've got nothing to sayGeneral
"...Because words aren't everything. Seriously, words are fantastic; but they have way too much power and yet not much at all if democracy is any indication." : Mazarita : Brisbane : Australia

May 25, 2005 : Pick that up, no better yet, don't throw it awayGeneral
"Today, I was walking back to work from lunch when I saw a women pull into an empty parking lot and turn off her engine. She then opened her car door and only after looking in all directions, proceeded to dump, not one, not two, not even three, but four arm fulls of lose garbage onto the cement. She then shut her door, sparked up a smoke and drove away. Now for me to fully explain how this makes me feel, I would first have to write a book, and then you'd have to buy it and spend a few months reading it! So to simplify just let me say this... It makes me sad to the point where I can hardly talk about it. I even find it hard to write about, and the reason is this. It doesn't matter who you are in this life or the next, it doesn't matter who's child you are, nor what your parents taught you. There is no good and bad in this situation. What matters is when you throw garbage in the street you're making a statement that goes way beyond personal conviction. The mentality of which says that you don't care. And it's this very same disgusting mind frame which bleeds into all aspects of human life and leads us back around to the same destructive elements which have ruled our societies since the beginning. On the particular point of throwing garbage in the streets, some would say that... 'The responsible governing body does care. That's why there are social services which handle these problems, ie garbage men and street sweepers' - and these same people would then smile and walk away. Well, to that I would respond as my mother once did. 'Just because you know someone will clean up after you, doesn't mean you have to make a mess.' It seems an over simplified statement; but again it's the mentality behind the words which mean so much. If we didn't produce so much garbage then we wouldn't need to pay other people to clean it up. Ahhh shit, now I'm depressed. Rant on. " : Thabow : Kootenay Valley : Canada

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