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May 31, 2016 : Relationships suckGeneral
"This is absolute bs. I am so damn in love with you, with every god damn part of you. I love you even though I know your past, how you drink and do drugs and even the fact that you made out with another girl when I wasn't around. We used to be so close and now I can't even be romantic with you because you push me away. I show you all this love and affection and what do I get back in return? You throw it back in my face. I don't get the love and attention I deserve. all I get is tears on my pillow every single night. You ignore me and push me away and you only pay attention when I'm doing my own thing and being happy. What's worse is our sex life has gone to shit. You can masturbate; but you can't satisfy your own girlfriend? I don't know how much longer I can do this. I love you, but I'm not in love with the idea of being stuck here to rot." : Lovestruck : : Australia

Dec 1, 2015 : I'm sorryDating
"We have been together for nearly a year now... And I would be lying if I said I didn't love you. Because I do very very much. It's just that being in a relationship with you... hurts. So, so badly. You make me feel horrible even when you don't mean to. You're what I've been building my life around, yet you still can't show simple signs that you even care about me? At all? I was almost taken by a stranger while you were at home. All because you were supposed to come get me from work but didn't. Instead, I walked home at 11pm and came home to NO sympathy for me for that dangerous situation. You're a compulsive liar and oh how I wish I could fix it. My entire right thigh is bruised. And you did this to me." : Fem : Nashville : USA

Jan 14, 2014 : 3:30am feelings about loving youCrushes
"The love I have for you is crazy. It used to make me the happiest girl on earth, but now it's the reason I cry myself to sleep every night - and it's honestly tearing me apart. I lost you, and now I'm losing myself too. I never thought I'd get this low again, low enough to be the cause of my own pain; But I guess that's what love does to you. I want to be wanted and maybe even needed. When I see you I want to be able to hold your hand no matter who's around and I want to know you inside out. I want to grow with you through the good and the bad and I want to be able to count on you at all times. I want us to take risks and hold nothing back. Sometimes I feel a little selfish; because I don't want anyone to ever take you away from me." : Jaz : Victoria : Australia

Mar 4, 2013 : My loveGeneral
"You were always there for me. The same, I was there for you. We laughed together. No matter how mad either one of us got, it always ended up being fine. Just being with you, made me feel incredible. You told me your problems, and I tried to help you fix them. I would stay up late with you talking to you. You would cry on the phone for hours at a time, and I would always be there. I loved you. I really did. And not any of this fake shit. The word 'love' gets thrown around a lot. But what I felt about you, it wasn't fake. I loved you with every bit of myself. But when you love someone you let them go. You never had feelings for me. I was a friend. And as hard as it was, I was fine with that. If you love someone, let them go. But then you met him#1. Then him #2, then him#3. And they all ended the same way. Your wrists bleeding, you crying, laying on the floor. And me, always on the other end of the phone. You told me once, that you felt you would never find anyone that truly loved you. Someone that would never hurt you. And the whole time while I said 'I know you will one day' my heart was screaming I can be that guy! I would never hurt you. You said you wanted to kill yourself, and I promised you that if you did that, I would too. And we never talked about it again. You told me you weren't beautiful enough for them. And maybe you weren't. But the way I looked at you and still do, you were Juliet to my Romeo. Pretty cheesy huh. You were the most beautiful girl I ever set eyes on. Then you moved away. Different schools. We stopped talking, but still I knew you were hurt. Incomplete. Every now and then you would message me, or I would message you. We barely talk now. But in truth, I will always love you. Even if I eventually find someone. A piece of my heart, will always be yours. You will never read this, you will never know what I think about you. You will never know i love you; but now as my space to write runs short, I finish. I will always love you. Yours truly." : Sloth : : Canada

Nov 6, 2011 : Just another divorce rantMarriage
"To my wife of 11 years (Maria Luisa)... I never want to be with anyone again... never want to trust anyone again... I really do not want to give a damn about the world's problems... poverty, environment, human rights (gay, women's, anyone). For the first time ever, I won't celebrate Thanksgiving or the holidays. I hope you're happy with this mess you've created. You say you care, but that is a lie and nothing ever will change my view of the worthlessness of people and what lows the human heart is capable of... You truly are the most f##ked up person I've ever known... to just throw away ten years for absolutely no reason at all... saying 'I don't love you' without an explanation and running away from your problems instead of facing them, underscores your belief that you are an intelligent or rational person." : Jack : : USA

Sep 8, 2011 : How I feelBreakups
"It's sad you'll never read this. Sometimes, I wish I never fell in love with you. Sometimes, I wish I never even met you. It would make things so much easier. You're the first thing I think of when I wake up, and you're the last thing I think of as I try to fall asleep. I know I should be trying to move on, but the truth is, I don't think I ever want to. I know it's so unhealthy, but you're just like a drug to me. It's to the point now where I constantly crave you so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. I still want you, after all the pain and hurt you've put me through. I'm so mad at myself, and at you, for all the times we used to fight over stupid things. Like, each other's past. We have no control over things like that, Baby. Why couldn't I have realized it sooner? We were so jealous. I guess it's one of those things in life where you hear what you want to hear, see what you want to see, and 'know' what you think you 'know'. I just loved you, and always will, so much that I just couldn't possibly imagine you with any other woman but myself. I still can't imagine myself with any other man but you. Isn't it funny how everyone is a hero when they're dead? It's the same with a relationship. Now that we're not together anymore, I can't remember the times you made me mad. Or the times I thought of leaving you. You can't do any wrong, Baby. I don't consider us over. I can't even imagine saying the word. 'Over'. On the outside I pretend I'm fine. My friends and family and co-workers know I'm suffering, but I act as if nothing has been torn from my life. I fake a smile, a conversation, maybe even a laugh. But, there you are. You're always on my mind. I know I should hate you. But, I can't. I won't. You're still perfect. Everyone hopes that I'm done with you for good. Sometimes, I wish I could say the same thing. I wonder what you're thinking right this second. Have you changed at all since the last time I saw you. All I can do is hope I find you again. I LOVE YOU, BABY." : If I Could Turn Back Time : : Canada

Sep 2, 2011 : I still love youBreakups
"Why did you have to go and do this to me? I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life. You're on my mind every second of every day. I can't eat. I can't sleep. It feels as though my heart is missing from my soul. I'm living a nightmare that I'll never wake up from. I hate not being able to see you, talk to you, make love to you, hear your voice, or hold your hand. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss your kisses. I miss your hugs. I miss absolutely everything about you. It's not fair, Baby. I just want the pain to go away. It's been two whole weeks since I've seen you. It feels like a million years. I would do anything to be in your arms again. I will never get over you. No man on this earth will ever even come within a mile to what you are to me. I'm so afraid of love now, that I never want to be with anyone... Only you. It doesn't make sense, and I can't explain it. You were the best thing that has ever, and will ever happen to me. I find myself wondering what it is that's going through your mind at this very second as I type these words. I lie awake thinking of you and wonder if you ever think of me, too. I replay moments of you and I in my heart a thousand times a day. They feel like yesterday, and I can vividly recall memories that I can not, and will not forget. Laughs we had. Tears we shed. Fights. Forgiveness. Late night talks. Movies we watched. Music we sang to while driving in your truck. Everything that was about us. If I ever had the chance to love you again, I would. I can't let you go. Part of me wants to forget everything about you and just move on with my life and part of me wants to start over with you and stay with you forever. I want you to be so happy, Baby. I want nothing but the very best for you, and someday I pray with all of my heart that you find happiness, peace, and love even if it's not with me. I will always love you, Babe. I promise I will always be yours, and in my heart you'll always be mine. I'll wait for you forever." : IfICouldTurnBackTime : : Canada

Apr 2, 2011 : J.C.Crushes
"I was sitting in art class and our eyes were locked onto each other. I looked away and concealed my face in my hair, hoping you would just ignore me. You kept looking back at me. I ignored you, because I knew someone would catch on to us 'flirting' or however you want to say it. I want to date you, to be more than stuck in the friend-zone, but at the same time I don't. I don't want to lose you. No. Never. I can never lose you. Don't you dare push me out of you life, J.C. It will crush me. I see all the people you hang out with; all the people who still fuss over other peoples' lives. I hate it. You hang out with the snobs. I know I'm just saying this out of jealousy, but who cares. The feelings are real. I want to be more than in the friend-zone. You may not want to, but I can't stand it. We are still so young, I know. I miss the old times when we would joke. Those days are yet to come again. I just need to tell someone how I feel. I need to tell you, but I don't have enough courage. But mostly, I'm afraid of being let down. It pisses me off, being such a wuss. But we will never be more than friends. Never. That I'm sure of." : Frustrated Girl : Troutdale : USA

Mar 19, 2011 : Can't Take ItCrushes
"I was terrified. Terrified of losing you, though I've never dated you. F*** the friendzone, I want to be more than just that girl in your class! You're hanging out with the wrong people, J.C. All those snotty 'think they are the s***' girls are only hanging out with you because they're desperate. Desperate for someone to call them beautiful. Jay, I wish you knew how I felt. One small move and BAM! I might just lose you forever. I'm terrified of that. You know how you used to playfully trip me and such? I miss that. What happened to the old times? Even looking at you makes me smile and fill with joy hoping for that one day you will ask me out. But, that day has yet to come." : Frustrated Girl : Troutdale : USA

Mar 19, 2011 : Please... Make up your mind!Crushes
"Jacob, I always see you in art class at your table looking at me and I smile. And I really like you; but I don't know how to tell you. At the dance yesterday, you totally ignored me. You know how bad I felt about that? I slowly inched my way towards you and then poof... you're gone with other people. You always hang out with the popular group. You remember computer class? Yeah, how you would always sit at my table? I miss that. J.C., I wish I could sit at your table again so we can talk more. I miss it. I'm still too embarrassed to even give you my number. Plus, when I see you ignoring me, it makes me mad. Please, talk to me?" : Frustrated Girl : Troutdale : USA

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