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Nov 10, 2005 : What is with now-a-days lately?General
"I hate now-a-days... they piss me off! Everyday is now-a-day! Why can't we have then-a-days or if-a-days or future-a-days. Enough with now-a-days... get with it people!" : Bob : : Canada

Jun 16, 2005 : The rain and usGeneral
"The rain. Personally I love the rain. I really do, ever since I was a child of innocents, I've always known that there was something clean and pure about the rain, something that I'd never understand. But, something that was mine nonetheless. When I was younger, I used to sit in the rain for hours waiting for the clouds to part, but never really caring if they did. As a teenager I used to go for endless walks in the rain and do nothing else but think. Some of the greatest moments in my life have happen in the rain and for that, I smile. But, now while the rain pours outside my window I can't seem to find the will to smile or even grin for that matter. Living in what some may call the modern age just doesn't seem to be working out for me. I find myself surrounded by people who don't care and in a society which knows how to better itself yet doesn't. Frankly I think the whole thing has been going down hill since the copper age and with all this on my mind, I can't help but feel a little depressed... and think about the rain. A good friend of mine reminded me the other day that the same rain which falls now is the same rain which has always fallen and will continue to fall until the end of time. While I'm still trying to smile, I can't help but compare that statement to the likes of human culture. Like rain drops, our cultures will continue to fall upon the earth until she can't bare it anymore. And then what? Better yet who do we blame? I don't know, blame whatever or whoever you will. There are the wars that are fought for dirt, regions based on false hopes, governments who wish to rule rather than lead, but where to start? It really doesn't matter what's gotten us to this point, what matters is that we're here. We're here, US, this generation. This new century was promised to be a time of social awareness and logical foresight, yet we still chose to walk blindly into whatever our masters biddings calls for. Unlike any other time in history we can see what's happening and we have the power to better ourselves, yet we don't. Why is that? I wish I could tell you, I wish I knew. But of course if I could answer that question beyond my usual suspicions, then I wouldn't be sitting here talking about it. And why is it that things can't just be simple? Why can't we be more like the positive aspects of the rain? Why can't we just do what we're meant to and leave it at that? Hmmmmm, maybe we're doing exactly that. Rant on." : Thabow : Feeling Down Town : In the rain

Jun 6, 2005 : The Absence of EqualityGeneral
"Since the very beginning of time, equality between men and women has been a never ending topic of conflict and confusion within our species. Some claim that we are too different to ever find harmonious compensation, others say that it's the fault of culture and society which trains us to act in our particular parts. An example of this can be found in our own social structure in the form of children's games. Little boys are taught to play war, while little girls are taught to play house. The size of our population insures that there is of course an exception to every rule, there are domineering women and pacifist males; but the over all presumption remains the same. So why is that? In the late 40's early 50's, a movement for equality began here in North America, in which social boundaries were apparently striped away in all forms including government, religion and culture, in order to accommodate womens rights. Did it work? No, it didn't. For almost four generations, equality has supposedly been a cornerstone in our modern society - but, it's not. Men are still treated like men and women are treated like women. Example? When was the last time you saw a women get pulled over and ticketed after she started crying? Better yet, when was the last time you saw a man offer to clean the house without some sort of reward? These are the same social and cultural conflicts which lead to so many of the problems we deal with today, a long list that I won't get into here; but, they're there. So for the sake of mankind I'm going to let you in on a secret. Make sure your sitting comfortably because this one is going to blow your mind. When it comes down to the very basic elements of physical and practical human society, both men and women are needed equally. This is a fact you see; because, without men there can be no further development of either society or even the species for that matter. And the exact same is true about women. The levels of power and pride by which we govern ourselves are completely self imposed and always have been. But fact is fact. Without men and women, there is no culture, there is no society, there is no procreation, there is no existence, why is that so hard to see?? Rant on" : Thabow : Bulawayo : Zimbabwe