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May 19, 2016 : Dalton RapattoniGeneral
"My idol, whom I've obsessed over for a long time, has finally gone on tour. I'm a Canadian, and he's an American. I didn't expect to ever meet him, and I had no hopes for it. I expected the tour to stay in the US, and I wasn't bothered. But thenl he said the tour would be extended out of the US. Then my hopes soared. They flew out the window and there was nothing I could do about it. But, then they crashed. The whole thing with the tour was that he used to teach at a band school called the School of Rock. There were a lot of them spaced out across the US, and a couple in Canada, and so on. He taught at one of these schools before he got famous, earning his spot at top 3 in American Idol. He deserved it and I was rooting for him, obsessing over him, and crying for him. And let me tell you this, I NEVER cry. For the tour, he would go to different School of Rock's across the US and watch their performances, and then have a meet and greet. You don't know how much it would mean to me to meet him. He said having a hug was mandatory. Um, please. I would DIE if I ever got the chance. But I won't. Because while my hopes were soaring, I realized that there were no School of Rock's in my province. Wow. Okay. There were my hopes, destroyed. And so I died. I cried. A lot. I wanted to meet him so badly. And just half an hour ago, or so, he uploaded his new destination for his tour - Toronto, Canada. 41 hours away from me. Great. So now hearing it known publicly that he'll be in Toronto, which is in the same COUNTRY as me (which is unbelieveable all in itself) but too far away for me to go there. I should be happy for the people in Toronto, but I'm honestly just feeling like I could cry and fill the ocean. My body's trembling because I'm trying not to cry." : Nobody : : Canada

Apr 2, 2016 : Stop Hitting on me!General
"K, like omg... i get it.. I'm hot; but stop telling me I'm frikken hot, that's not what i want to hear from a guy I just met, or really any guy at all! It's not flattering. Compliment me and my personality, not my ass! You're not in love with me, you barely know me, and no I won't date you just cause you think I'm hot! I dont wear short shorts that are a size too small. I don't wear see through shirts. I don't wear just sports bras. I'm not asking for your attention. I really just want to chill and have fun and talk to people. I'm so sick of people pretending to be my friend and then asking me out. And after I turn them down, not talking to me! Or it's even worse if you continue talking to me, but its just creep shit, like nice ass. Okay, I'm a teenage girl. I don't need that shit.I'm sick of people seeing my face and then being like... hey I'm physically attracted to you... lets make out. Does that ever work for you? I mean... A 'Hello' would be great. Don't stalk me cause you think I'm pretty. That's not gunna make me want to date you! If I turned you down once, don't ask me 7 more times. I don't want to date a sleeze ball with no manners and that doesn't know what the word hello is. Just please stop hitting on me, I don't need that!" : Leave Me Alone : : Canada

Jul 24, 2014 : Fuck you AND your sandwichGeneral
"Today I was at a riverside cafe. I bought a newspaper and a coffee and sat on the last seat available. Halfway through my first article I heard 'OH' and a grumble. I turned around to see a middle aged couple who had just bought a sandwich each...they stared at me. They stared at me just the same way a fox would stare at a rabbit. They waited, waited for the little rabbit to fuck off out of his seat so they could eat. Without them saying a word I politely got up and offered them my seat that they were so fucking desperate for, because obviously they were in a mad rush to get somewhere. They tutted, grumbled again and took up my offer. No 'Thank you'. No polite uncertainty. No apologetic comforting. I'm a 20 year old student studying business. I have more manners and grace than both of them. Yet all I see is my generation getting slagged off by the media." : Jack : London (surrey) : England

Apr 26, 2014 : Combover BitchesGeneral
"Shout out to all you bitches who do that crazy combover shit to their hair every day and can actually pull it off. No, I'm not talking to you ugly ass 'scene' chicks." : Person : : United States

Mar 13, 2014 : Making Stuff UpGeneral
"Holy God! I have never met anyone who makes up so much crap just for attention. If you really do have so much going on, yet you have time to make statuses such as 'like for a like', then you really do have enough time on your hands to do a god damn assignment instead of handing in a variation form. We are in grade 12. Lying about having family problems when everyone knows it is fine... is a weak excuse. For the love of god get your crap together." : Bella : Kirwan : Australia

Dec 3, 2013 : Fuck EverythingFamily
"None of this would have have happened if my stupid fucking boyfriend and I hadn't slept together. Now that we broke up I went into an emotional spirial and hit the rebound. He went and told everyone and now I have this reputation that I can't shake lose. I feel so cut off from my friends! And now my fucking mom is such a fucking twat, trying to micro manage everything I ever do. I'm depressed and I mean literally I sleep for probably 15 hours. I have to pull myself out of bed. I can't move or do anything and when I do it takes huge amounts of effort. And now people are calling me ugly and useless and I believe them. I just want to be skinny so I am not eating; but I can't stop eating at the same time. I don't want to work out because I'm just so depressed and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Nor do I even want to try because there isn't a fucking point to anything anymore. And my fucking mom... my god I hate her and everyone and she just doesn't seem to understand that she can't control me." : Rebecca : : USA

Mar 8, 2012 : Jess. You are ruining my life.General
"I hate you. You utter cow I hate you. You've already isolated me. Taken away my friends. You make me feel like shit everytime you see me. But you've gone too far now. You're stealing the one thing I had left. Him. You tried once, sent a four page email to him about what a slut I was etc. He believed you. You have no idea how much that hurt. How much it made me hate you. Now you're sneaking him away, meeting him when i was supposed to be. Making him cancel on me to see you. You're a horrible cow. You cannot have everything. You are a sly little bitch. You have your own boyfriend. Just stick to him. God I hate you. You think you're so smart, so hot, so funny. You think you are better than everybody else and you're making him believe that. He is starting to compare me to you. I feel so shitty about myself. I feel ugly, small, worthless. You were my friend once. At least I thought you were, before you did this. Cow." : Anon : : UK

Feb 25, 2012 : Mom you have such a short temper!!!Family
"Today I was in my room cleaning. It was so messy, I just needed to clean it. My mom yelled up, 'Did you feed the dog?' I yelled back, 'No!' She didn't hear me - most likely because my door was closed and the radio was on. So she yelled up, 'I can't hear you! Yes or no?' Then, I replied simply, 'Hang on!' I turned off the radio and headed towards my door. I heard her screaming about how I was supposed to answer with a yes or no. I told her, 'No, I didn't feed the dog and sorry I was just ...' Then, she cut me off and started rampaging, 'DON'T YOU EVER INTERRUPT ME! THE MICROWAVE IS BEEPING, THE DOG IS FOLLOWING ME, AND YOUR DOOR WAS CLOSED! NEXT TIME, ACTUALLY OPEN YOUR DOOR AND ANSWER ME!!!! YES OR NO!!! DON'T JUST MAKE UP SOME NEW RANDOM GIBBERISH IF I DON'T HEAR YOU!!!! YES OR NO!!!! NOW JUST GO BACK IN YOUR ROOM! N O W!!!!!! Obviously, I was upset. i was just opening my door to answer her. My mom has such a short temper." : Victim Of Excessive Yelling : : United States

Dec 3, 2011 : Christmas spendingGeneral
"With Las Vegas high in unemployment, first in foreclosure, high in homelessness, and children going hungry every day... People sure know how to spend money to make the stores rich. This year, over spending compared with last year. SHAME, SHAME and SHAME." : Lollie : Las Vegas : USA

Nov 11, 2011 : GeneralGeneral
"In all the months I've been reading the view, people rant about smelly bus people, weirdos downtown, or whether or not to be tatooed... I think it is absolutely sickening that NO ONE has ranted or is ranting about all of the children lately, particularly this past summer, who have been hurt or killed by their parents or people they trusted. Little boys digging their way out of a basement... or what about that little girl who got locked in a box to die for stealing a popsicle. So I ask you... is the fat chick taking up two seats on the bus REALLY that important !!?? Why not use your voice to try to help people." : Jen Smith : Hamilton : Canada

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