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Sep 28, 2011 : I'd kill myself...Strangers
"... but I'm not brave enough to do it. I don't care anymore if I let everyone down, I'm a failure. But still I think the people around me are more fucked up. I'm an egoist, ignorant slut, but yeah, that's it. I got home today crying over how I fail at everything and tried to end my life; but I couldn't, and now I'm shamelessly happy and bored at the same time. I don't want to tell it to anybody or give clues, everybody would label me as an attention seeker, whiny bitch. It'd be OK, cause I am. So let's submit some faggotry to random sites anonymously. This whole thing is so pathetic and dumb, but so are humans." : None : : Outer Space

Aug 30, 2011 : I don't exist for you!General
"I help all of my friends with every little problem they have. I have problems too but none of them seem to give a flying f**k! They never ask if I'm OK, even when it's obvious I'm not! If THEY said some of the things I have... I would help them out right away! I don't understand why they use me like this... I do everything I can to help them. They treat me like shit." : TheMotherFingGrimReaper : : Suburbia

Aug 7, 2011 : I am MAD and sad...General
"Okay, so I'm in this show choir thing at school, and I know I'm not the best dancer...but I'm not TERRIBLE, just average. Anyway, the kids in it are 60% snobs who think they are better than everyone else. I have to pay $40 a month to be in it, but so far we've only been working on dancing, NOT singing. So right now I look kind of boring next to most of the people, because they are really good dancers. I do the moves correctly, I just don't have that element of style that some of them do. So a lot of them look down on me because they are better dancers than me. I don't really feel accepted, more like an outsider. You see, this is a new school that I CHOSE to go to! I don't have a lot of friends that are in show choir. But I do have a girl who THINKS we're BFFs! *barf* She's the daughter of the person in charge and doesn't have any talent and is always bumping into me when we dance and making me look bad. Plus she tries to put her head in my lap *sicko*! So people think I'm friends with her and won't go near me! But I can't tell her to F*** off because she's the child of our leader, and I'd get kicked out. THEN, there's this girl in it who also goes to my church and she seems really sweet and quiet; but I know better, because she has talked behind my back before. Apparently she told one of my best friends that people held a meeting about possibly kicking me out of show choir because I'm 'not trying hard enough'. But I AM TRYING!!! I'm just not perfect like her! Also, she said that she thinks I talk to this guy too much, but I barely ever say anything to him. He's her crush, but she's too chicken to tell him. So basically, I think that she's jealous for some bizarre reason and is trying to take that out on me by using her power as president to get me kicked out! I've been crying because I don't know why, but she just doesn't like me." : Iva : Rome : USA

Jun 14, 2011 : Rich kids..General
"I realize not all rich kids are stuck-up douchebags; but for those that are, when you get a $20,000 christmas present, is it really necessary to go around and brag about it? Even better, is it necessary to hop right on your brand new 4-wheeler and come within inches of clipping my leg just because you feel like looking cool by drifting around a corner? And I swear to god, if I see one more asshole in a neon blue American Eagle polo shirt I'm gonna rip my own head off. And next time you go to stare down someone with less money than you, think about the fact that they really dont give a f*ck what you think, and would sooner beat your ass than agree to be treated like sh*t by some stuck-up brat." : Anon : : Canada

Jun 3, 2011 : ModelsStrangers
"Has anyone noticed how ugly models are these days? Check out the models on Gap or Banana Republic's websites - they're ugly. Their marketing team could walk down any street and pick way better looking women." : Mary : Chicago : USA

Mar 19, 2011 : Oh My GodGeneral
"This one annoying I'm-the-shit girl totally pissed me off, and I said 'Jeez, who lit the fuse on your tampon?' and she didn't understand me. People just don't understand insults anymore, damn it all." : Frustrated Girl : Troutdale : USA

Feb 8, 2011 : Mom...Family
"It feels like you never listen or care. Whenever I try to say something to make you happy or proud of me, you find something to argue about and blame me for always starting the argument. I try talking things out with you; but you just want to interupt me and not listen and think about what I am saying. Things aren't the way they used to be and I miss it so much. I don't know why it has changed between us. Tomorrow is my birthday and I've been trying to have a good week so far; but you just make me feel like everything is falling apart. We can never have a simple conversation anymore without things getting short. Life for a teenager is hard enough as it is and it would be nice to go to someone for support every once and a while. Do you even care anymore? I feel like you're not even my mom anymore." : Daughter : : USA

Sep 18, 2010 : Bitchy Friend of FriendsGeneral
"I hate her, everything about her grates on my nerves like a dentist's drill boring straight into the center of my head. The problem is, she shares a house with the only people in this city who I am happy with. The anxiety caused by her visits makes me weak and exhausted, after half an hour listening to her shrill ugly laugh I feel feeble. The effort needed to remain civil to her distracts me from conversations with those who I actually care for. The fact that she lives with them and therefore spends more time with them makes me paranoid that she is slowly turning them against me, that after every visit they go home and pick apart everything that I have said or done, laughing at my accidental use of the wrong verb tense, or mocking my house, my clothes, my interests, noting me as below them and unworthy of their friendship. They go off at the end of the night congratulating themselves on having fooled me into believing that we are still friends, when in reality I am just their entertainment. Poor stupid Anne, how did she even get into this university, all she ever thinks about is TMZ and drinking, she's pathetic and weak minded, she should feel lucky that we allow her to continue to be in our presence. Really? Just because I find the TV show (TMZ) funny I am below you? And your countless hours online reading Wincest is productive? It's a goddamn waste of time that's what it is, your strange obsession with turning every man's action into something gay is very disturbing. Just because you were a slut at 15 and slept with a guy who was obviously just using you for sex doesn't mean that every guy since who doesn't want you is gay. Guess what honey, they just have standards, and a buck toothed midget whore, who has gross stringy hair and refuses to dress so that her rolls aren't showing does NOT meet those standards. It's not my fault that you can't control your drinking and end up running from the bar crying every time we go." : Anne : London : Canada

Jul 21, 2010 : Why?Family
"Mom, I don't understand why you get pissed off at me so much. Whenever I try telling you in the nicest possible way about something because it makes me feel insecure, you have to go scream your head off and and hit me. You've been like this for as long as I can remember. I'm 13. Please give me some slack. You make me feel like the most horrible person in the world sometimes. It really hurts. So this is a message to everyone who's reading this - Do you know what it feels like to be 10 years old, called a bitch, and hear threats to be kicked out by your own mom?" : Nicole : : USA

Jun 14, 2010 : Emos and Scenes!General
"Okay seriously this is killing me!!! Everytime I look up myspace, school, towns, THEY'ER BEING FLOODED with nothing but scene and emo kids! Yeah, I know that picking on people is bad, but my god! It's like if an emo kid doesn't get a cigaret from a parent they go evil and pout about it. Or if they can't go and see their friends it's CRY TIME. I hate it! And little scene kids think they're cool because they have awesome names or 'like' dinosuars. My god can't they realize that just because they smoke pot and go humping their hubby doesn't make them cool?! The little band that are popping up on myspace are unbeleivable! I go onto myspace type in a name and see nothing but pathetic little scremos that have nothing but a synth and guitars with RAAAAAAAAH everytime they 'scream'! ARGH I HATE IT!!!" : Marion : : USA

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