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Jun 5, 2009 : Murder!Family
"I Want to F*CKING kill my dad! He's the biggest asshole on the planet!" : Mushu : : UK

May 23, 2009 : Ugly babyStrangers
"Man, some peoples babies are so ugly... thankfully mine isn't :)" : Mel : Fredericton : Canada

May 22, 2009 : In sister's shadowFamily
"I have an idea for you, Jill! When your SISTER's trying to make a friend, do what she did to YOU, that'll teach HER how it feels! The Douchebag!" : Liam : : USA

May 7, 2009 : Madam-giggle-lotStrangers
"I hate the fact that girls are always moving in groups giggling at innocent boys, what is with those people?! Girls like that should be born wasps because they move in swarms too, and they are just as irritating!" : Liam : : USA

Jan 5, 2009 : In Sister's shadowFamily
"My sister shows up at my school without notice or any sort of phone call. The students here love her, though. I feel like I am constantly in her shadow. What's worse is that when I finally make peace and friends, she comes and ruins it! For example, she told a friend that she shouldn't be deceived by my 'innocent face' because I like kinky homosexual action. It took me a moment to realize the topic she was focusing on because I was still in my daze from my afternoon slumber. It makes me so angry! She always has to be so aggressive and dominant in everything! Why can't she just leave me alone in peace? It wouldn't hurt to just keep exaggeration and teasing to a low, LOW minimum because I take practically everything personally. She's my older sister. After more than a decade of living with me, SHE SHOULD KNOW how this hurts me!" : Ticked-off-Jill : : USA

Dec 8, 2008 : A Lament in Limerick FormGeneral
"There is a sweet gal with implants
All the young men she enchants
Till one day she's cursed
Her hooters they do burst
Small wonder she pants as she rants"
: Pup Tent : NB : Canada

Dec 3, 2008 : People and their petsGeneral
"I hate people who buy a puppy only because it is cute, and two months later are getting rid of him/her because they realize that it's too much work. Or people who give up their pet because they are moving. Would you leave behind your child? BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER!!!" : Kasik : : Canada

Nov 14, 2008 : Just get out of me already!Family
"Okay, so I am 32 weeks pregnant right now and I just want the birth to hurry up and come already! Pregnancy sure is long, why can't we be like dogs and be pregnant for only 9 weeks?" : Mel : Fredericton : Canada

Dec 9, 2007 : Teens making out at schoolGeneral
"Ok, this needs to stop! I am a teenager in high school, and I can't get through one day without seeing a couple making out somewhere. Ok, we get that you 'LOVE' each other; but, you don't need to be showing it to everyone around you!!! If you want to make out, do it at each other's house... NOT AT SCHOOL! We are not interested in your relationship, and we never will be!" : Chris : Long Island : USA

Dec 7, 2007 : Spree-Killing MoronsGeneral
"I hate people who get 'fed up with life' or get 'abused by the system' and so proceed to kill innocent people who are just trying to f***ing get by and live life - just like the killer and everyone else on this stupid planet. They could at least have some shred of sanity and decency to go after people or organizations who made it hard for them; but nope, they gotta go kill loads of people who never did anything to them... because deep down they're to pussy-whipped to be capable of anything else. Killing anybody under any circumstance is wrong, but killing people you damn well know are innocent because your are in a pissy mood... and then cowardly committing suicide to get away with your crimes? Seriously, the problem is not society, the problem is that you're just an asshole and have just been getting treated like you damn well deserve. If you got an issue, here's a tissue." : Slickback : : USA

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