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Nov 24, 2007 : Jackass friendsGeneral
"Recently some friends and I snuck out to go to a rock show out of town. We tried to find a friend to go with us who could legally drive us, but we found nobody. My friends decided that I would drive, and I was dumb enough to agree, although I've had my license for only 2 months. First, we got lost in a city we knew nothing about. Then we stayed at the show for only about 5 minutes before having to leave. Everyone's parents found out, but I got in the most trouble because I was driving. I hate how I am always the vessel that bad things are done through. It's never my idea to begin with, but i get too excited to say no. Now I have no car for god knows how long and my friends got off easy. One has parents who don't give a f*ck, and the other is always doing stupid sh*t, so their parents were used to it and so not that upset. I am the most well behaved out of my friends, but when I screw up, I screw up bad. It's always a result of my friends nagging me though. I f*cking hate how they make me do blatantly illegal things with them because they think it'll be fun! I shouldn't have f*cking done it because it was so spur of the moment and our lies didn't work well. I can't f*cking stand the friend who always gets in trouble. They always get the easy way out and I'm stuck with the majority of the punishment. At least my other friends apologized for what they did and made me do. My dumbass friend even tried to make a joke when I was trying to say how disappointed my mom was in me. This asshole is really making me risk too much for what they consider to be fun. Of course, it's never at my friends expense. And on top of making us go to that lame show, my friend wouldn't shut the f*ck up about how they think they saw an old friend at the show. The friend wanted to stay longer at the show, and even stay up all day. That friend wouldn't be f*cking driving though. I would. And I would risk falling asleep at the wheel. At least we told my friend that we'd leave them behind if they didn't hurry the f*ck up." : Sally : : USA

Oct 11, 2007 : Rich PeopleGeneral
"I hate rich people. Even upper-middle class people. And I hate their kids even more, because they grow up to be the ignorant, spoiled frat-boy Freds and sorority Sally's that I currently go to college with. While I'm working 30 hours a week to pay for school and bills, they spend every weekend driving the SUV's their daddies bought them to their families' beach houses, and getting drunk with their equally-pampered 'friends' (aka investments) - the alcohol, of course, paid for with their parents' credit cards. I actually heard a classmate whining the other day that her mom won't pay for everything down to her souvenirs when she studies abroad next year. '...and I was like, omg, MOM, are you trying to kill me??' Someone really needs to throw these people under a bus." : Dingles : : USA

Jul 15, 2007 : I hate CanadaGeneral
"I absolutely hate Canada! They've had it too good too long! They're pussies!" : Death to Canada : : UK

May 1, 2007 : Disgusting neighboursStrangers
"I am getting completely annoyed by my disgusting neighbour. He has sex with his own cousin, and is constantly having parties where you can plainly hear people having sex. Disgusting... Fredericton university students are walking STDs." : Maimay : NB : Canada

Dec 24, 2006 : SocietyGeneral
"I am seeing the truth of all things now. I see that people like attention because it proves to them they're alive. Well, with this many walking corpses rotting amidst the streets, shooting false hopes in envious glances from across rivers of pavement, one is left to wonder... What's the point of anything? Why should I be alive? And when you wonder this, something happens... You slip into a deep self made depression. In the deepest pits of depression you find comfort. That's when you curl up with your disappointment and sadness and die... Well. I'm sick of it. How can we honestly feel depressed. We are not starving in Africa under the baking sun. We are not living in a third world country, yet we're all depressed. Is it really us? Or perhaps what we are told. Who knows? But truth be told... I think we like depression. It matches our Gucci nooses and Calvin Klein handcuffs. I guess what I'm really mad at, is the fact that there is no hope for the future. One way or another were f*ckin' ourselves over." : Salient Thought : : USA

May 22, 2006 : False AllegationsFamily
"I had a visit from Children's Aid the other day. The worker said someone had complained that I have no food or running water in my house and that my basement is full of garbage! Also, that the children are sleeping with adults (sometimes my 8 year old come into my bed... but I am no Michael Jackson!), and that my mom who lives with me is being abused!? None of this is true and I know my ex husband or his girlfriend is behind this foolishness! Get a life... social services has real cases to deal with. I won't sink to your level and plan some sort of revenge. I have custody of the boys and you don't... so deal with it! We both know who the best parent is!" : Good Mother : Westville : Canada

May 17, 2006 : One woman's Todd, is another woman's too...Roommates
"I knew you would do something like that. I guess you can't really expect much from someone who is unable to make the simplist of decisions for themselves. Oh by the way, remember your boyfriend Todd? Maybe you should ask him where he was last night, because I am sure he was not where he said he was." : Mel : Fredericton : Canada

May 7, 2006 : To MelRoommates
"It's been a year since I ditched you as a room mate. Do you remember the chinese dinner I cooked for you to try to make ammends? Well Fluffy tastes just like chicken... she was so sweet. Sorry for stiffing you on the rent; but that's what you get for calling me mean names on this website. Now go be sick... then I'll tell you where fluffy lives now... HAHAHAH! Gotcha!" : Former Roommate (The Bitch) : Fredericton : Canada

Sep 24, 2005 : Learn to DriveGeneral
"To all of you that like to talk on your cellphone, eat, and/or put on your make-up while driving... I hope your car flips over." : Danielle : : USA

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