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Jun 24, 2006 : Canada dayGeneral
"I hate Canada day! What a stupid, pointless and jingoistic holiday. Of course, I'm glad to live in the affluent and decadent west. But, I can live without the Canada hype. In fact, on July 1st, I'm going to think about Sri Lanka all day." : Detta : Halifax : Canada

Apr 26, 2006 : Census Day Notifications - Wasting money!General
"Does the Canadian government (Statistics Canada) have more money than they know what to do with? Is it really necessary to waste money sending out notifications by mail to say that in another couple weeks I'm going to receive a 'yellow envelope' from them. Is yellow a covert color, or so scary that it'll cause me to not see it or worry with fear without advance warning of it's arrival? And if either was the case, am I going to be so anxious to receive it that I'm going to remember two weeks later when it arrives... oh yeah, THAT yellow envelope - I'm so excited! Surely there's better things to be spending money on than this kind of advanced warning nonsense!" : Luna-tick : New Brunswick : Canada

May 7, 2005 : Political systemsGeneral
"I absolutely detest how one party can get 10,000,000 votes within the country and get 350 seats, yet one with 8,000,000 only gets 150, surely the math speaks for itself????" : Rory : Inverness : Scotland