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Nov 28, 2009 : Rude BossGeneral
"Mr. Gray says he treats its people best but the management people always scream at us and treat us badly. The owner is the worst. He is a short Adolf Hitler and has a temper to match. Im leaving because I've had enough of these people treating employees so badly." : PJ4Christ : Huntsville : USA

May 2, 2007 : All That MoneyGeneral
"Congratulations Mr. Boss Man. You worked your whole life for this. You've got millions and millions of dollars now, beautiful cars, beautiful wife (your first two were better though). With all those millions of dollars - now you see - money won't make you happy Mr. Boss Man. Now you see? You have all that money - and I have none - but I'm happier. Didn't we all say 'I told you so?' Now do you see?" : Banderson : : USA

May 16, 2005 : Interject this!General
"It really annoys me when you are talking to someone about something and they just cut you off and begin telling you something about themselves or something totally not related to the topic. Excuse me, but I believe I was talking about something, please f*cking stop cutting me off!" : Susanna : : Canada

May 13, 2005 : Newbies taking overGeneral
"I can't believe this one chick we just get at work for the summer. She's been here a total of two months, and the first time I worked with her, she was issuing orders to ME. By no means am I the most senior member of the staff, but I do have a year and half over her, and have been doing this job for that long, AND have all my training courses. Who the hell does she think she is??? She's driving me batty. The second time she worked here, fortunately they put me on a different floor. But then the third time, we were side by side, and I swear, by the end of shift, I was ready to STRANGLE HER! I don't know who she thinks she is, but so help me god, if she tries pulling a power trip this summer, someone will have to pull me off of her!" : Angell : Toronto : Canada

May 9, 2005 : Cry your way to the top!General
"Over the last four months, I was the supervisor to a student intern at work. 'Great,' I thought, when I first got an intern. Someone to help with administrative tasks. Someone to take on little projects. Someone to show the ropes to, so that they can get valuable work experience. Think again. Instead my intern turned out to be: Someone asking for the fifth time where to save her files on her computer. Someone who forgets about a project's existence after talking with me about it for an hour. Someone who you keep telling, 'take notes,' but she only picks up the pen and paper, and doesn't use them. Someone who calls a typewriter a 'label maker'. All in all, instead of having a helper around, I had this constant pain in the ass who couldn't think for herself to save her life. When I received the student evaluation form from her college, I gave her mediocre grades, citing her inability to take initiative or to follow through on things. So what did Super-Intern do about it? The only smart thing she ever did. She went to my boss and CRIED. Which made my wishy-washy pushover boss actually CHANGE HER GRADES to all 90-100's. So I guess for all the shitty work she did, my intern got some pay-back: straight A's. While I don't really give a damn what grade the girl got in her class, what gets me is this: She's about to get her college degree in marketing. Meanwhile, I've been looking for a new job in marketing (because at my current job I have to deal with things like annoying interns and a crappy boss). While I'm really good at my work, I don't have a degree with the word 'marketing' stamped on it. I guess I was too busy in college doing frivolous things like 'study math'. So Dumb-Ass the intern, with the marketing degree she's about to have, in a few years will probably be able to pull down much better paying jobs than I will, just because of the name of her degree. Mind you, to get that degree she only took three marketing classes in her curriculum. And I can assure you her skill-set did not reflect her having actually LEARNED anything in those classes. But I'm sure she'll get ahead really fast. All she has to do is go to the right supervisor, and get all weepy." : Wendy : Chicago : USA

May 7, 2005 : Catch 22 - No Job - No ExperienceGeneral
"Ok, I know that in order to get a job out there you need experience... some way to show a potential employer that you have what it takes to get the job done. But how can you get the experience if no one gives you a chance? I find myself just graduating from a course and with no real options for employment since the jobs I go for want X amount of years of experience and I'm just out into the world. I know there are ways to get the experience I need... practicums, internships, etc but sometimes its hard to get some of those so you're back at square one! Why oh why does it seem SO hard to catch a break sometimes?? ARGH" : Amanda : Fredericton : Canada